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Jake Xerxes Fussell LP "What in the Natural World"


This record drops end of March so it'll ship then...stay tuned for more release info.

Our good buddy and former employee, Jake Fussell, is following up his (EoAM bestselling) debut album this March with a brand new record titled "What in the Natural World." Again, being released by the excellent Paradise of Bachelors! Stay tuned for more release and pre-order info...this one will be a doozy!

"Entrancing guitarist and singer Jake Xerxes Fussell follows his celebrated self-titled debut (produced by William Tyler) with a moving new album of Natural Questions in the form of transmogrified folk/blues koans. This time these radiant ancient tunes tone several shades darker while amplifying their absurdist humor, illuminating our national, and psychic, predicaments. Featuring art by iconic painter Roger Brown and contributions from three notable Nathans—Nathan Bowles (Steve Gunn), Nathan Salsburg (Alan Lomax Archive), and Nathan Golub (Mountain Goats)—as well as Joan Shelley and Casey Toll (Mt. Moriah)."